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Raisina Bengali School Alumni is registered under Societes Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 8th July 2010. The Alumni has functioned at an informal level for the last six months.  Though different splinter  alumni groups belonging to different batches meet and interact among themselves, some of them  are working in isolation for the school also. A single formal and legal unit  encompassing alumni of all batches was never in place. 

A similar society was formed in 1984 and registered in 1987 with noble intentions. However, it lost steam and gradually ceased to exist as it failed to attract sizeable number of members for its functioning. 

 The primary aim of this Society is to promote a sense of belonging and connection of the alumni not only with its Alma Mater, but also amongst themselves. In addition to this the Society aims to serve as a conduit for the alumni in all its endeavors to support social and educational causes.

The sole objective of this Association is to bring all the ex-students under one umbrella, make a united force and work together for the betterment of the Raisina Bengali School. 

The alumni intend to involve in activities like: 

  1. Scholarship to deserving students
  2. Support/ aid to the Alma Mater wherever sought; this would be taken up on project basis with an objective to upgrade the standard.
  3. Organization of cultural activities and fund raisers
  4. Organization of get-together of alumni
  5. Career Counselling

The Alumni now intends to aid and contribute towards various activities of Raisina Bengali School. This contribution would be to improve the present condition of various facilities at School and to add some facilities in line with present day educational requirements.

The Alumni has a valuable databank, rich in human resources, of many ex-students of Raisina Bengali Senior Secondary School. The Alumni aims to make available this databank to all its members for networking on issues ranging from career counseling, career enhancement, job placements and other related activities.

It’s amazing to see the energy flow amongst people who share a background of common educational institution. To strengthen this bond, the Alumni will post all its upcoming Programs, meetings and events in this website with a request for participation from all batches across the world. 

Keeping in sync with our policy of being transparent and accessible to all our members we would like to invite each and every member to send their suggestions and feedback. An interactive and participative membership is what will make this Association alive, dynamic and vibrant. For this, each one of us needs to be sensitized that divided strength must be used for collective gain.

We once again therefore, invite each and every one of you to come, work with Alumni as we move forward to build bridges of friendship, compassion and understanding.


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